Mr. Chada Sagar is an 9+ years of experience in the ESIA, EIA, Ecological & Biodiversity Impact Assessment, Biodiversity studies, Biodiversity Impact Assessment, BMP, Bird& Bat Study, E&S Screening, Wildlife Conservation Plan, He has worked for more than 90 projects as ecologist for different funding agencies nationally and internationally i.e. IFC, World Bank, ADB, AIIB. He conducted Environmental and Social Impact Assessment studies (ESIA) and biodiversity impact assessment for wind and solar power projects, Conducted ecological impact assessments, biodiversity risk assessments, bird and bat studies, ecological due diligence, critical habitat screening and assessments against IFC PS6, etc and prepared biodiversity management plans (BMP), Baseline data collection for the description of local ecology & biodiversity in project area, Consultation with local State forest and wildlife department and local people, Asses and detail the potential impacts of the proposed development on both flora and fauna, Recommendations for mitigation measures to minimize impacts identified, Strong knowledge of environmental regulations along with the environmental and social safeguard policies of the multilateral development banks (World Bank, IFC, AIIB and ADB) for managing medium to large ESIA projects