Our team is comprised of advisors, subject experts, geologists, hydro geologist, environmentalists, engineers, ecologists, socio-economic, chemists, biologists, and regulatory experts. By developing and maintaining strong personal relationships with our customers, we are able to  understand fully about their needs and understand to execute the work accordingly. To succeed in a highly competitive market, we provide high-quality services in the most cost-effective manner. The expectations of our customers determine the minimum performance standards by which we measure our own success.

We deal with Environment Impact Assessment, ESIA, Preparation of Environment Management Plans, Preparation of Mine Plan, Water Conservation Projects, Groundwater modeling Projects, Hydrological Modeling, Hydraulic Modeling, Flood Mapping & Modeling, Hydrological and Hydro geological Projects, Environment Monitoring, urban planning and development, geotechnical, geophysical, R&D, Application software development, development/ sale / purchase of new scientific instruments, etc. We are well equipped with latest scientific instruments, essential for accurate measurement of various environmental parameters.

APESI provides comprehensive environmental, engineering and consultancy solutions to quickly and cost-effectively bring energy projects to market. Our strong working relationships with regulatory agencies allow us to successfully site and permit transmission and distribution projects. APESI  is a organisation with highly skilled resource professionals who have global experience in managing world-class projects. A comprehensive framework for sustainable development and management of the global Earth resources, in which an effective legal and institutional framework for its implementation will be put in place to address cross sectorial interests.

Over View

  1. A comprehensive framework for sustainable development and management of the global Earth resources, in which an effective legal and institutional framework for its implementation will be put in place to address cross sectorial interests in mining, exploration, water sciences, watershed management, hydrological, hydraulics, natural resources management ,energy, urban development& planning, climate science, environment sciences, ESIA, geological resources modelling, geophysical surveys, water resources modelling, water quality mapping and modelling, groundwater modelling and river science expertise, geochemical testing, resource calculations, floods mapping , flood modelling and management, integrated approaches in water resources planning, development and management for different sectors.
  2. Our platform provides comprehensive mapping content, Digital Innovation, Remote Sensing & GIS, Photogrammetry, Mapping an integrated suite of Geo-spatial solutions for disaster and resources management and delivering sustainable value to its employees, clients, partner communities, investors and other stakeholders.
  3. Promoting research on new innovations, new instrument development, New software development for Earth resources studies & modelling, managing related instruments distribution and manufacturing, delivering innovative solutions, training and helping them to understand and manage their sustainability challenges.
  4. Promote rainwater harvesting incorporating small, medium and strategic large-scale dams and reservoirs; improved land management and adoption of water conservation technologies and artificial recharge, irrigation facilities and implementation of national plans to halt desertification and land degradation, and restore degraded lands ensure improved access to reliable water supplies for livestock development through promotion of small-scale rainwater harvesting
  5. To prepare a task force whose motives will be in interest of National/International Strategy and Investment Program and the review of water resources, urban water supply and sewerage, and rural water supply legislation, expanding sanitation, integrated solution provider for urban water and sewage infrastructure projects, adopt technical solutions and implementation which also include institutional frameworks.
  6. To lay a foundation for sustainable development and management of water resources in the changing roles of the Government/ organisations from service provider to that of co-ordination, policy and guidelines formulation, and regulation. To mitigate the negative impact of mining on the environment preparing its mining plans, Air and water quality, noise and other environmental parameters, permits and clearances.
  7. We have unrivaled experience of natural resource development, infrastructure and the built environment. We help our clients throughout the project cycle, from planning through design, permitting, operation and management. We support the development of strategies for environmental management. Our methodology helps clients recognise the respective importance of environmental protection, natural resource management, sustainable communities, economic criteria in planning and decision making. We are experienced in conducting environmental & social assessments as per national & international standards, guidelines, protocols including IFC Performance Standards, World Bank Standards, ADB Safe Guard Policies, AIIB, JICA, MOEF&CC and others IFIs. Our experts were involved in E& S Assessments of multifarious projects with their advisory roles for funding from the IFIs like WB, IFC, ADB, JICA, JBIC, DFID, AIIB, OPIC, KfW, FINNVERA, RaboBank, DBS, MUFG, SCB, HSBC, SMBC, SBICAP, etc. We offer a complete, integrated service covering all phases of developments from master planning to EIA and from strategic environmental assessment to construction environmental management plans.