In a world of rapid innovation and rising challenges, APESI will be focused to do research on new modeling techniques, developing new resources modeling software, new digital innovations, different satellite and sensors. APESI will be promoting the purchase/ saleĀ  of useful software and instruments used for different applications. Company’s dream job is to do research and innovate new inventions for planetary sciences and to become a leading organisation in space sciences. Company welcomes young researchers and scientists to work with us for R&D in following streams;


      • Different modeling techniques for water, flood, environmental, mining, etc.
      • Researches on new scientific instruments and Innovations
      • Development of different software for Integrated studies of different applications
      • Selling and purchasing scientific tools, instruments, software, etc
      • Researches on remote sensing and GIS applications
      • Researches on new digital innovations.
      • Researches on different sensors, satellites, etc.