Dr Ch Tirupathi – is a hydro-climatologist and GIS specialist. He obtained PhD degree in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad and Pursued a Master of Technology (M.Tech.) in Remote Sensing & GIS from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Warangal. His expertise’s hydro climatology, Hydro-Remote Sensing applications, Surface Water Hydrology, Large Scale Hydrological Modelling, Hydraulic modelling, RS & GIS applications in Water Resources, River Sustainability, statistical downscaling of climate data, and Applications of Advanced Soft Computing Techniques in Civil Engineering. He worked on modelling and assessment of the combined impact of both climate and LULC changes on the hydrological process and river sustainability. He has experience working on ArcGIS, Soil Water and Assessment Tool (SWAT), SWAT-CUP, Land Change Modular (LCM), HEC-RAS, EPANET and Netica etc., which were used in modelling, model evaluation and prediction purposes. He developed various unique and robust frameworks to evaluate river sustainability, water quality, and groundwater sustainability with his interdisciplinary approach and also published seven research articles in various High-quality journals. He was awarded outstanding “Doctoral Research” in Civil Engineering for the year 2018 from IIT Hyderabad and Awarded the best PhD award in Water Resources and Allied Areas by MEIL” for the year 2020.