Dr Edward  Benedykt Wronski, Advisor- Environment Hydrogeologist/Geologist, APESI Pvt. Ltd. is a Geo-scientist, Professor and trainer with 35 years experience in Natural Resources Management commencing in Australian Federal Government Geo-science Survey and Research Organisations followed by consultancy in Australia and Developing Countries in Integrated Water Resources Management, Environmental/Social Management and Forestry.  The consulting experience spanned the government, water resource, mining, road and forestry sectors and incorporating extensive training, capacity building and institutional development. Having sound experience in    Integrated Water Resources Management and Development, Socio-Environmental Development Planning and Management, Project Scoping, Project  Design and Project Management, Terrain Vehicle Systems, etc. He has working field experiences in many countries like Afghanistan, Australia, China, India, Iran, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, USA, Sweden, etc.