Paritosh Singh, MD & Founder of APESI Pvt. Ltd., is highly experienced in hydro-geology, geology, groundwater modeling, GIS & database management, spatial modeling, 3D modeling, advanced image analysis and interactive web mapping. Throughout his professional career, Paritosh has shown great ability to lead complex operations to establish a culture of operational excellence and his dynamic and charismatic leadership, with strong capacity to engage multicultural teams. Paritosh takes care of leading the overall strategy, growth & operations of the organization, business development, client relationship management, , project management, team management, and maintaining relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Start-up , foreign operations, international business, commodity marketing, market expansion & penetration, contract & risk management, value engineering, forecasting / trend analysis, new product launch & development, negotiation and communications. He has diverse experience working with govt. and private organisations. His national & international experience & exposure  includes various projects and visits in different parts across the globe.