Rajesh Kumar Tiwari, Technical Advisor, APESI Pvt. Ltd. Worked various posts in different departments i.e. Consultant (CAD) in Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India from December,2016 to September,2020. Senior Joint Commissioner(CAD) in Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India from October,2013 to November,2016. Deputy Commissioner (S&W Engineering), Assistant Commissioner (S&W Engineering), Assistant Soil Conservation Officer ( Hydrology) in Ministry of Agriculture ,Govt. of India from September,1987 to October, 2013. Senior Technical Assistant (Engineering) in Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh from July, 1980 to August, 1987 Junior Engineer in Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Rajasthan from October,1979 to June,1980.

Various major projects he worked are: 1. Ravine Reclamations 2. . River Valley Projects(RVP), 3. Flood Prone River (FPR), 4. Watershed Development Programme in Shifting Cultivation Areas (WDPSCA) 5. National Watershed Development Programme(NWDPRA), 6. Command Area Development and Water Management Programme in Irrigation Projects. 7. Participatory Irrigation Management Programme in Irrigation Projects.

He has wide Field Experience in different sectors like Formulation of DPRs, Guidelines & Reports, Scrutinizes of various Project Reports, DPR, Monitoring, on spot Technical Support for implementation of development Projects, Evaluation of Projects, Impart training on Integrated Watershed Management, Soil Conservation, Proper Rain Water Management, Water Harvesting Technologies, Command Area Development, Efficient Water Management Technologies, Participatory Irrigation Management(PIM), Micro Irrigation , Best Irrigation Practices , Govt. Policies on Agriculture, Irrigation etc. He has Life Membership of  Soil & Water Conservation Society of India, Agricultural Engineering Society of India &  Indian Network on Participatory Irrigation Management (India INPIM).